At Susucre we combine our two greatest passions – design and cake.W_142_GoldWeddingCake-2

Susucre is a custom cake and dessert table company that marries outstanding, beautiful designs with truly delicious European cakes and desserts. All our products are hand-made from scratch using high quality ingredients and European artisan recipes to give you the joy of eating delicious and additive free cakes that taste as good as they look. Catering to suit your wedding aesthetic, Susucre creates wedding cakes that are uniquely yours, beautifully designed and custom decorated.

We invite you to journey with us on this creation of your beautiful wedding cake that complements your special day.

You dream. We create.




We are a team of passionate, perfectionistic, creative designers, bakers, sculptors, flower makers, teachers and lovers of beauty. We provide our customers with a perfect experience through deliciously tasting and incredibly looking cakes and pastries.
Driven to learn from the best, we studied in Paris to pursue baking classes and learned from Bonnie Gordon of Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts graduating from her Designer Cake Certificate Class with honors.

We love to make people happy with delicious, delightful and creative sweet things.


Annina – Head Cake Designer