Cream Tart

Get the trendiest baked good and show you think about your special someone, BFF, greatest sister or even treat yourself.
Try the irresistible crunchy Sable Pastry and creamy layered tart that is taking over the internet – and your Instagram – by storm. New in Singapore and available at Susucre.

Dig into the creamy layers between the crunchy cookie crust, topped with meringue, berries and edible blossoms – this tart is not only Instagram-worthy but super delicious.

Single Cream Tart: $85 each | Set of two Cream Tarts: $115
For orders send an e-mail to

The cream tarts come decorated like these samples.  If you wish to have a different design, we would be happy to customize it for you.  Prices for customised designs vary according to the decorations required.